Burst and Leaking Pipes

At GMJ Plumbing we are a 24/7-service provider which means that no matter the time or day your problem is our Priority.

At GMJ Plumbing we use the latest technology to locate and repair leaking pipes, we can guarantee that if you have a leaking pipe you will receive our full attention.

Tell tale signs that you have a leaking or burst pipe.

  • Excessive water bills.
  • Hissing sounds behind walls and under floors.
  • Signs of water in gardens and pathways.
  • Damp and musky smells.
  • Dampness of carpet near bathrooms and laundries

Water leaks can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. Even small leaks can result in the loss of thousands of litres of water and you’ll be shocked with your water bill.

Therefore if you suspect a water leak call GMJ Plumbing then we will be able to determine the cause of the leak and fix it for you.

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